Friday, March 09, 2012

Insanity: Week 2

It think I pulled my core muscle!

Okay, the actual story behind the post - I ran out of time to explain last time.  December 2009 Darik accidentally bought me a China burned copy of Insanity.  We let life get the best of us,  and we have never once put it into our DVD player.  When we had some friends come over for dinner and they saw our Insanity set.  They decided they wanted to start it, and what better way to start a workout than with friends right?  plus I would feel awful if someone else started my workout before I had.

I just have to say that working out with Darik is one of the funnest things we've done together.  It's fun.  And IT IS supa crazy.  My first week I was doing a workout and at first I felt like I was going to throw up my water; then I felt like I was going to pass out; near the end of the workout I was curled up in a ball sobbing like a little, little child.  A few days later I thought I busted a gut and had a hernia.  I took it easy a few days and I'm good now.  But I feel strong and healthy now.  I don't think I'm skinnier - but healthier.  LOVE IT.

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  1. uh oh. no more hernias! p.s. that video LOOKS insane! let me know if you need anything, okay? i mean it. we are looking for an excuse to get away from crazy studying jared/dad. we will even bring cookies. (just need to make 'em first.)