Sunday, April 01, 2012

Our New Addition

After year of deflecting Ellie's pleas for a pet we caved.  March 31 we brought a new member of our family home from the pet store.  We'd like you to meet Patches Anderson.  Darik and I are now proud new grandparents, according to Ellie.

Ellie's been having a rough time lately (story for another post) so we thought something for her to love on may help.  Plus it teaches responsibility, blah blah blah.  And her school just finished reading the book "The World According to Humphrey" about a hamster.  Darik was willing to go for a hamster but when we got to the pet store the first time and learned that guinea pigs actually can attach to their owners and like cuddling - even will sit on an owners lap while watching a movie, etc.  We started trending in that direction.  Plus they are adorable-er.  After research into costs (building our own C+C cage, finding the most affordable food, supplies, monthly costs, etc.) we took the leap.

We ended up buying an adult that was a rescue pet, it was the calmest one in the store.  I thought that would be a good start to our pet experience.  Plus I thought the little patches on his back were adorable.   We brought it home and during General Conference on Saturday we built the cage and hooked this little buddy up.
Our only drawbacks so far is the smell (uh, rodents!) which we've combatted with a bath and cleaner cage; and that it's terrified of us.  We're hoping that it calms down soon, but we're sure that the bath helped to scare him a bit again.  He's got a mansion to live in compared to what he had at the pet store, and he loves his crinkly tube and plastic igloo.  We're patiently waiting for him to fall in love with his new owner.  

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  1. aw so stinking cute! Kis do love pets and they are great therapy, I've watched a few documentaries in college on the value of pets for kids who are struggling so I hope it helps her out!