Monday, January 13, 2014

January, part 1

 I'll start with randomness:  1) my incredulity that third graders are learning and being graded on exponent and times tables.  I didn't learn times till fourth grade and exponents until seventh.  Makes it especially frustrating when said daughter is still back on addition/subtraction and being tested much higher.  2) Darik's incredulity when I clean the bathroom !  3)  Our combined incredulity at Ellie choosing a 2 liter of soda during a Saurey Family Reunion gift exchange.  And un-incredulity at her refusal to grant me a smile.  4) Yay, I'm the primary chorister again!!
 We brought Ellie and her best friend to the Golden Dragon Acrobat show on campus.  They are good at selfies.  And the show was amazing - I'm so sensitive I could hardly watch, their contortions had me wincing in pain.  And the guy who stacked 10 chairs to balance on them 3 stories up?  I have no ability to process that in a healthy way.  My only comment to Darik about the show was, "I guess this is what China does with their aged-out Olympic gymnasts that they took from their homes as toddlers to train for gold medals."  Obviously they were gymnasts who learned acrobatics.  Interesting. 
PS Whose dad is the best dad and makes the most amazing snow-fort in the world that becoes the envy of the neighborhood?  Oh yeah, that's right, Ellie's dad.

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