Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here Comes the Bride #2 - LA Style

ok this is jake's wedding -- the one where we rented a minivan and stuffed our family of 4 + Mindy and Chris in there for the 11 hour car trip to Rancho Cucamonga. Wow. Can I just say that minivans -- for what they make up for in seating; they lack in luggage space. Anyways -- we had the reception Saturday night in her neighbor's backyard in Anaheim. It was a beach theme with seashells and brown sugar sprinkled around the cake (to look like sand, I thought it really was sand!!). The backyard had beautiful landscaping and a swimming pool -- which is problem #1 with a toddler. I loved it though -- all of the clear Christmas lights strung everywhere with candles lit along the way with the happy couple under a gazebo in the cool crisp summer beach air. I really really liked it! And by the end of the night we couldn't keep Ellie out of the water so we settled for making her stay on the pool stairs.

The we had fun over the next few days and Tuesday morning took our life in our own hands traveling to Newport Beach where they were married in the brand-spankin' new temple there. It was nice to have the whole family there.

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