Saturday, March 01, 2008

the new obsession

Confession time! Allright, I'm just going to say that my newest obsession is with a young adult series of books about a vampire romance! Yech, I know! But the author graduated from BYU and the books are just super clean and super fun! And I hate vampire books. I think everyone else in the world that I know has already read the books, but if you haven't I think you should :-) And it's fun for all ages, not just teenagers. In fact just dropped the price on the first paper back to $6. And all four of the books in the series are on's top 50 bestsellers list (this lady is gonna be stinkin' rich!) and the movie is coming out in December. I even got together a group of friends for a bookclub about it two weeks ago. Only half of us had read all three books -- so I had to keep trying to stop the conversation from going into the next two books (which have infinitely more to discuss than the first one) I'm just one of those people who hates having books and movies spoiled and don't want to do that to others either. So the next one is in a few weeks and we'll go discuss the others and have more fun.


  1. It's a good obsession to have. I want to read them again too, but I need to prepare my heart to ache for Edward again! HA!

  2. You too!?!?!! I LOVE these books!! I actually went to a BYU symposium for Books for Young Readers last year, and got to meet Stephenie Meyer!! I know, crazy!! My friend and I made special buttons that said, "Twilight changed my life." Okay, so maybe that's a little embarrassing and a little over the top, but it was fun. Girl, we need to talk!!!!