Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm So Lucky

Over the past seven days Darik and I have been privileged enough to attend the temple with friends from our ward. Darik's counselor in his EQPresidency (a single dad of two kids) attended the temple for the first time on Tuesday afternoon and received his endowments. It was so exciting and awesome. Darik took the whole day off and we enjoyed the day even more. And then on Saturday our good friends, the Copelands, from our ward also went to the temple for the first time. The only difference is that in addition to receiving their endowments they next went into a sealing room and were sealed for time and all eternity to their adorable three little girls (8 years and 5 year old twins who are in my primary class). It was the most sweetest and happiest feeling I'd had in years. What made it a little more special for me is that Jolie Copeland grew up in my home ward (go bringhurst!) as Jolie Cordell, and her mom Cathy Cordell was my Beehives teacher. It just added a little bit more happiness for me to see her there! I just love being a part of a Gospel that shows us the way that we can be together forever with our families!

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