Tuesday, April 01, 2008

who woulda thought

There Ellie was, all those weeks ago -- watching America's Best Dance Crew and she was just going nuts for the Jabbawockeez. Well, miracle of miracles, last week they won the whole show. I guess she knows talent when she sees it :-) And everytime she hears "Apologize" by New Republic on the radio she says, "Mom, Jabbawockeez on the radio!" and starts dancing. And now we have all 8 episodes DVRd and she likes to go back and just watch their dances every once in a while (I have to skip the Michael Jackson dance challenge week -- every team took some liberties with MJ's famous dance moves that aren't appropriate for toddlers!)

1 comment:

  1. We saw that too! You guys got us hooked. I was pretty happy that Jabberwokeez won, they were the best...in my opinion of course.