Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well during April we had too many snowfalls for my taste (note to Idaho weather, if it is "Spring" we should have spring weather!!!!). And boy did it make me miss my days in Vegas. Many a times people rail on Vegas (It's way too hot!! I don't know how anyone could live there!!!). I actually think Vegas should pay me salary for being such a staunch defender -- I try to always rationally explain how Vegas actually has BETTER weather than wherever we are.

For example . . . let's say Idaho. You get at least 6 months of winter (at least) that includes about 3 months in the negative temperature range; and are left with about a month of Spring and a month of Fall (if you're lucky) and whatever is left is Summer. I have such an aversion to cold weather I like to stay inside as much as possible (for 6 months of the year in Idaho)

Now let's take Vegas. From September to May the temperatures only range from 60s - 80s. That's 9 months of Spring, people!!! I LOVE IT! And you get three really nasty months that you want to stay indoors. But it's summer and easy to take vacations to cooler temperatures. Oh, LV, how I miss ya!

Fast forward to today, I wake up to an overcast sky and rain falling down. All of a sudden I'm missing IOWA like crazy. One thing that can be said of Iowa is that it's GREEN and RAINY and I love it (in the Spring!). I love it rainy, it's cozy to me without being too cold. In Iowa hardly anyone has sprinkler systems because it rains so much you hardly have to water on your own. Sigh.

So hopefully from here on out I can have Spring! (are you listening Idaho weather? enough with the bull, give me some sun!)


  1. You're silly! You know you love Idaho! ;o)

  2. Idaho springs are crazy, I agree. I just hate going into summer without some spring weather

  3. My hubby is from El Paso.. similar weather to Vegas. When I fist when to visit his mother described to me what you just said. It makes sence! We have crumy weather!

  4. garnet9:16 AM

    We had the most amazing rainstorm the other night. Seriously it was RAIN, our whole backyard was a river and there was so much water coming down that you couldn't even see the individual drops. I do love the rain too. But all the same, Iowa is ready for some SUNSHINE too! I want to plant my garden and I can't do that until I know it's not going to freeze anymore. Sad that I have to say that as we are in our second week of May!

  5. Las Vegas misses you too! Come back!!! :)