Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Weekend

Friday night at 6, right as I was on my way to work a doubleheader football game. I had forgotten I signed up to work that night. So I get home at 11 and pray to be able to sleep in the next morning. D & I had a great time with just Ellie the next morning. He didn't have any events until 3 or 4 that day so it was a nice break. That morning I went and took senior pictures for the daughter of someone my mom works with -- my mom recommended me . . . and so I decided I would try it to see how it went but I wouldn't charge because I have zero experience. There was no guarantee any of the pics would be good! Well after about a hundred pictures I think there were around twentysomething I really liked including some of these:
Anyways, I don't think I'm amazing and I don't have an amazing camera . . . or accessories - but for someone looking for ok pics that were on the cheap I think I worked out ok. I'm not one of those million girls who thinks they can make tons of $ just by getting a good camera and zap they are amazing at photography. Getting a Nikon doesn't make me a photographer, it makes me a girl with a Nikon. But I sure wish I had a Nikon :-)

Then I went home and made jam. My mom gave me some frozen berries she hadn't gotten around to making jam into and said if I did it I just would owe her some jars of jam & I could keep the rest. Well, I wanted a little more variety than raspberry, so I bought 2 bags of blackberries I could mix into Triple Berry Jam with some of my strawberries. I learned a few things for my first time making cooked jam: (1) always use powdered pectin for cooked jam and liquid pectin for frozen jam (2) jam is made with almost 2x as much sugar as berries! yikes! (3) make sure you have enough pint jars before you start. At the very end of FIVE BATCHES of jam (yields about 30 pints) I had run out of pint jars so I had to use a quart jar. It is just kinda funny looking at this massively huge jar of jam among all the baby jars.

Anyways after canning it was time to deal with a sick toddler. She'd thrown up while I was off playing photographer and was needy - like all sick kids (and adults) are. It was a good thing I only had one kid last night. And today was a nice break as well. (even though Darik was gone all day -- two soccer games and the Montgomery Gentry concert tonight) The day ended with me wishing I had just ONE more day of respite. I wasn't quite ready to welcome them back with open arms but I did anyway, of course :-)
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  1. What does Derik do for a living? I am guessing it is something for ISU, but I just can't figure out what.