Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Imrpove our Mommyblogs

Some of you may or may not know, but in the last 12 months Google has indexed all the pictures you upload and they make them searchable via Google Images & other bots. I get quite a few hits on my blog from random people doing image searches that end up looking at a picture of Ellie.

Now, under settings on Blogger it lets you take your "blog" out of searches . . . but it hasn't indicated taking your images out. I decided to do something about it . . .

Please go to Blogger Features & Suggestions and make a similar comment as mine below:
Please make it optional to have my images indexed on my blog. It is a journal/mommyblog and many of us are uncomfortable having random strangers perusing pictures of our small children. I get many hits from Google's image search and it creeps me out.
I know I could just make my blog private . . . but that does make it so some important people (like grandparents) may not figure out how to access it, etc.

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  1. Will do! And where do I go to find out who is checking out my blog/pictures?