Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Coupon Classes

These are my only coupon classes I'm doing for the foreseeable future:

Monday the 19th -- 830 pm at my house
Saturday the 24th -- 900 am at my house
Monday the 26th -- in Idaho Falls/Shelley

If you would like to attend any of these just RSVP in the comments with how many will be there.
From this week's Quaker sale I came home with:

9 campbells chicken noodle
10 popcorn boxes
4 Life Cereals
3 Granola Bars
8 Instant Oatmeals
1 Old Fashioned Oats
1 Fiber One Pastry
1 3lb bag of apples

TOTAL: $17.87
SAVED: $109.01 (including $15 from catalinas from last week)

p.s. it's a bummer so many of the printables didn't work this week, otherwise I would have WAY more quakers going on. Plus if I'd had more Sunday coupons...
p.p.s. I was also sad we didn't have the Dannon coupons Utah had


  1. Hey Kristine...Debra told me about this cool class you are doing. I would really like to come. I think Monday night would work for me, but need to check for sure. Is that okay?
    HEidi Shuler

  2. yep, sounds great!