Thursday, March 26, 2009

new pics

well as promised here are some new pics from my new AWESOME lens.

#1 - just some of my faves

#2 - Ellie/bathtime. The best part of this is that every single picture was taken AFTER I asked her to smile sweet/pretty/like a princess, etc.

#3 - Just a bunch more randoms that turned out good. Of course they are more of Stina cuz she so dang photogenic and is such a poser. Already she wants to be a model when she grows up!


  1. Good pics Kris! U liking your new lens? What camera did you end up getting? Hey, I was talking about old times yesterday and I ended up talking about the good ol' Wendy's days of us heading to the park at dark thirty and having contests jumping out of the swings! I can't lie, I miss those days sometimes.

  2. I have a D40 and just got the new Nikon 35mm -- which is kindof like the 50 but not.


  3. Sooo cute! When did Stina get bangs??