Monday, June 22, 2009


June 3 Ellie had a dance recital, her last for the year. This semester of dancing was a little more shaky with a bigger class and with her friends Hailey and Claire not being in there . . . I still think that it was good for her but I'm not sure I can do dance and preschool come fall. She may have to wait for dance until she gets into school. I was trying to get some pictures of just her and it didn't work, so I added the other two kids -- this is the best I got: them just sitting by a pillar outside the high school.And yes there was a tiny bit of a brouhaha with some of the moms with these spaghetti strap dresses . . . but I had to digress and look reality in the face, if you have your girl in dance class you can't expect and/or hope for modest costumes come recital time. Any other more experienced dance moms out there with another opinion? Anyways, these are the kids in the audience waiting for the thing to start. They were surprisingly obedient, albeit a little wacky.For some reason this time the dance class teacher, Misti, decided to have the girls dance to "Do You Believe in Magic", which is fine, but a bit fast for a bunch of girls ages 3 - 5 (okay mostly just too fast for my 3 year old). I didn't bother to buy the DVD or try to record it, the dance lasted 30 seconds of way to fast music and I'm not sure what ells did up there even qualified as "dancing". Last time she was way better, dang teacher!

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