Monday, September 28, 2009

Anderson Reunion 2009

Well, we were going to go out of state one weekend so we got respite for the kids with a family in Inkom. They were going camping a few days later and asked if they could keep the kids for the whole week. That would mean we would have a whole week of just us 3, while we went out of state and to the Anderson Reunion. We decided to go along and let them stay. Our plans changed and we went to Boise to see my cousin that weekend and then two days later took off for the annual Anderson Reunion up at Rock Spring Girls Camp past Ashton. The best thing about this camp? The swimming pool! Almost ALL of the pictures are by the pool because that's where Ellie spent most of her time. And it was a miracle, but she FINALLY swam by herself without us holding her - she did have a life jacket, waist floatie, and arm floaties on but she did it! Also Diana got tired of watching the boys gang up on Darik's cousin Debbie in a water fight so she jumped in to fight back in her clothes! My mother-in-law is awesome! Chris & Mindy & Addie drove straight from their summer sales job in Chicago overnight to the reunion, it was great to see them - we hadn't seen them since they left in April. Also Ellie had fun playing with Isaac, a cousin her age. That was until the boys had play tools and told her she couldn't play with them because she was a girl and girls don't play with toys. She put her hands on her hips and said, "Oh yes, they do! My mom uses a hammer all the times!!" You tell em, Ellie!

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  1. Fun, fun. You should come up and let Ellie play with Alaina one of these days. We'd love to have you!