Monday, September 28, 2009

Just the 10 of Us

We had our 10 year high school reunion this summer, and I was glad I went and caught up with a few of my old friends. There were a few extra friends that I don't keep in touch with as much as I'd like to, but one in particular (KIM ENGLAND CURETON) was there and it made me SO happy to see her again. She almost convinced me to drop the extra 60 washingtons to go to the night event but I stayed strong and saved my dough. (I look awful in the pic, it was freezing so I just went for the ponytail and jacket look, I'm way into impressing people, can't ya tell?) And beyond the reunion, the very next week on of my BFFs from HS that lives in Philly (holla) came to stay for a week and we were able to get 7 of the original group of 10 of us there for a partay. It was the day before Janna's bday so Tsa rocked our world with cake & cupcakes. Ellie was so SUPER happy to see her best friend Jayda, she was very sad when we had to leave. I should have taken more advantage of playgroups when they lived in poky because now that we NEED playdates they're harder to come by. ((which, p.s. if you're reading this and have a 4 year old girl that is open to coming and playing with my kid, give me a call!! We only have preschool schedule 2x a week and the rest of the time we're looking for friends to play with)).The middle picture: Celeste (3 kids), Jill (4 kids), Jennifer (3 kids), Me (1 kid), Tsa (2 kids), Janna (2 kids), Wendi (3 kids). Missing: Heather (4 kids), Anna (1 kid) & Karey. So between us all we had 18 of the 23 kids between us there - crazy.

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