Tuesday, June 15, 2010


One thing Ellie and I really enjoyed in june was watching her little caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies.  One of the best parts is that they hatched right before her birthday, a nice little present.  It was so cute, she would keep on saying, "Come to owner, little guy!"
 That helped soften the blow a little bit when they didn't eat the items the instructions they said they would and one of them died - I decided very quickly a release was in order.  And boy did we have tears about letting these little guys loose!  It was all for the best, though - I hope at least one of them lived to survive!
 Here's little Ellie with our neighbor Maddie Stufflebeam.  These two are great friend - when they aren't fighting :-)  We're so glad to have them move in next door.
 And how about a tea party?  Always up for a tea party.
 Here's cute little pictures of our cute little KK.  I think the girls were SO EXCITED to have it be warm enough they can just play and play all day on the back porch.

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