Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"unnamed sources"

So . . . Darik is at a work conference where basically 90% of college ticketing has sent 90% of their important people.  The funny thing is that 90% of these people know 90% of each other.  All the SEC guys know each other, and if they worked in the Big Ten previously they know all those guys, and their best friend just got a job in the ACC who was working in the Pac 10 previously.  Most of them connect to create quite a tangled web.  And where does the Ticketing Director from ISU Big Sky Conference fit?  He doesn't.  So Darik put on his networking shoes and has to work to get to know people.  He's networking - fo sho.  We don't know if this Alabama job will work out but there is a chance Darik could get a lead or find out about what might work out while he's here.

One thing we've learned:  people talk.

Person #1:  Hey Darik, I heard you did great at your interview.  They are really considering you.
Person #2:  I saw you applied for my job, let's have a sit down later . . . . So I heard you flew out to AL?
Person #3:  I know you're looking, just wanted you to know that such-and-such school is hiring soon.
Person #4:  Hey, I heard you already quit your job!
Person #5:  I heard they are going to offer you the job.  You're as good as hired.
Person #6:  Let's schedule a time for a phone interview.

Darik's response to most of these people, "Who did you hear that from?"

Their response?  "Oh just someone I was talking to someone earlier."

B.  to the S.  I told Darik I don't trust one more "thing" that anyone tells him anymore :-)

As the world turns.  Seriously. So. Soap. Opera.

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