Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oceanic Aire

I know it seems like we are always gone, but other than Disneyland we had one more trip to take.  Darik had a business conference in Newport Beach from February 13-16.  We tried to plan our Disneyland trip at the same time but it just wasn't working.  So instead of bringing Ellie we decided to pay an extra $200 for my plane ticket and turn it into our 10 year anniversary.  Not too shabby for a four star hotel a mile from the beach for four days.  So here we are back in SoCal.

We flew in Sunday morning and had the whole day together hanging out on the beach walking, reading, and chillaxing. (yes, I got a sunburn!)  We checked into the hotel when we could - and then went out to eat.  Celebrating Valentines Day early since D would be in meetings all day Monday - Wednesday.   And really?  I didn't mind too much.  You mean I get 8 hours to myself to chill by the pool reading, using free internet to catch up on a few shows, and walk across the street to Fashion Island (Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, California Pizza Kitchen, Forever21, and Barnes and Noble)?  Um, no complaints here.  None. At. All.

So here I sit, on the patio of our hotel balcony above Balboa Island, staring out at Catalina Island.  You know, I do believe oceanic air is good for my health!

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