Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ok, for those of you who know me well, there is one word you wouldn't describe me as:  trendy.  I mean, within my budget constraints I try to be cute - and try for the "classic" that won't go out of style.  Either that or I adopt a trend as soon as it's not the newest trendiest thing anymore.  I didn't wear flats until everyone had moved on to gladiators or whatever.  And I'm good with that.  I'm ok with my style parade passing me by if I think I still look cute.  And I harbor no ill will towards anyone who wears crocheted flowers in their hair. It's just not *me* ya know?

A few months ago I think I showed signs of weakness.  I skipped the hooker boot craze, but had fallen in love with a pair of brown leather riding boots and bought them when they were on sale.  Then went out of business so I got a few of their cute knee-length dresses on clearance.  I loved my boots but my boot cut jeans were all for going on the -outside- of them.  Would I have to cave and actually buy a pair of cursed skinny jeans??

Well low and behold, put me in Newport Beach by Forever 21 where, according to The Meanest Mom, has a good selection of skinny jeans.  After a few hours - of which I scoffed at 90% of the clothing . . . I mean, do they mean to dress like they are homeless??  I left with $100 worth of trendy items to go with my boots:

two $11 dollar pair of skinny jeans
five $5 skinny and fat belts
one $40 gorgeous teal wool coat
and one $5 pair of huge sunglasses

 What's wrong with me!!?!

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  1. It's California! I tell you what. It always does it to me. I step foot in that state and all of a sudden I NEED new clothes. I'm not cute enough. I'm not skinny enough. My care isn't fast enough. ALWAYS. It makes me so happy to come back to Iowa where even if I'm 5 years behind the latest trend, I'm still cute and fashionable :)

    That being said, I must say those clothes are ADORABLE. And you totally need to splurge on some new pieces that make you feel good every once in a while. Especially when they are being sold at bargain prices! Love it.