Friday, April 15, 2011

and . . .

It's a no.  Boise said no.  Which is a bummer because that's the one we thought we had the best chance of getting!  And that I was most excited to live by anna - i'd already decided I wanted to live in Columbia Village :-)

So apparently we're not supposed to be in Boise.  And Alabama said they are interviewing 2-3 more guys with more experience than Darik, but the boss said he thinks the salary might make them think twice because it might be below where they are at now.  So what he's saying is that there's still a chance, right?

:-) ?

keep on truckin'

p.s. Even though Darik doesn't have rodeo this week he's staying out every night past midnight preparing for his oral defense of his masters.  Tomorrow morning @ 8 am sharp!!  We are so close to this being over I can taste it!


  1. I'm sorry!! That's so frustrating..I'm so not patient when it comes to waiting on things like that. I do understand in a smaller way, we were asked everyday where we were going for our internship:) Good luck with finishing the house and hopefully this next week goes by fast!!

  2. At least the Alabama guy is honest and tells you straight out so you know everything. Good luck - I'm excited for this change even though it is so frustrating I'm sure.