Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monster Truck Week

In the middle of rodeo and monster truck weeks (another post by itself) Darik was supposed to be preparing for his oral defense - for his master's degree program he opted for a written final test (8 hours long - he did that back in March) followed by an oral defense of his final in front of 3 faculty advisors that includes a 30 minute presentation and an hour+ of question/answer (the 'defense') part.  Darik's was scheduled for April 15, so although he didn't work 85 hours that week, when he wasn't at work he was at the library.  Friday morning he woke up early and was gone by 7.  I didn't hear from him until almost 11 when he called to let me know he got all 3 faculty advisors to vote to pass him (you need 2 out of 3 to give you a passing grade ((pass/fail)) to graduate), but they said only just barely.  Hey, a pass is a pass, right?

What a weight lifted off his shoulders.  Now he could concentrate on Monster Trucks, which was the 16th and is the only event at Holt Arena that sells out every year.  We tried to get the Sandovals to be able to come down with us to the show - but it didn't work out.  So Ellie and I went and sat by Collin/Isaac and Jon/Jordyn/Chelsie.  Owen and his uncles were sitting in front of us, too.  We had a pretty good time - and like we always do took off early so we could be asleep at home by 10 pm.  830 am church sneaks up on you pretty fast, and I don't like to make my Sunday mornings any harder than they need to be.

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