Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Date Nite

One of the guys at the rodeo gave darik a gift card to Texas Roadhouse.  We were thinking about just using it for a date night for us, but I seriously cannot remember the last time our family went out together - so here we are Thursday night at 5 pm.  Ellie is gorging herself on rolls and (like always) trying to steal Darik away from me.  She brought her crown and was very clear to try to let me know she is queen, daddy is king, and I'm JUST the princess.  I really hope she grows out of this someday!  We still had a great time, it was especially nice to not have to cook or clean up - especially with having our house listed :-)  It was good food, too.
So here is our celebratory night - we survived 4 years of grad school.  We survived another year of work.  And even though we still won't see him until after graduation (Darik has about 100 hours of volunteer internship hours to fulfill for the athletic marketing guys to graduate - now that he's done with everything else he's trying to cram all those hours in over the next two weeks) we had a night off and thought it was apropos to celebrate!


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