Wednesday, August 08, 2012

2nd Grade

Ellie starts school next Tuesday.  A second grader - she's a bit nervous.  We went school supply shopping on Saturday and she almost started hyperventilating.  She came into Virginia a bit behind coming from Idaho - and so she's nervous that the teachers will expect her to know things she doesn't know.  Or she won't know the kids in her class, or her teacher won't be nice, nice, nice!  She's just a little worry bug.

It would likely be fine, but momma's going to training in Cincinnati for NHMS certification for NeighborWorks.  All week long.  Mom's going to Skype in the mornings and night with little one so I can be there for her big days.  Daddy's got parent duty all week long.  I know I like to think that she *needs* me to get through that week, but I think daddy is actually better at anxiety and calming her down.  So it may be a good thing to get school started on the right foot. 

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  1. She'll do great. We're so glad your family is here.